Episode 1: Don't Call it a Comeback.

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Show Notes

Stuff and Things with Rob
Episode 1
January 13th, 2015

  1. Introduction of Rob, Will, Future Andy, and Past Andy

  2. The new podcast. “A Podcast with a vague title, but a definite purpose.”

    • Why I started a new podcast - Keep doing what I enjoyed, but still working on the podcast we intended to create.
    • The “lost” episodes. Interview that went to dust with Skype, Christmas only your left ear, The problem with hangouts
    • The new Rob and Will plus guests (when we can) panel/discussion format- central theme or article. No need to be an expert or “nerd” to contribute. Only and informed opinion.

  3. Part of the NEW Nerd Uprising Network

    • The Uprising - Rob and Will
    • Bipolar - Will and Future Andy
    • Dot Grid - Will and Past Andy
    • Tentative release schedule
    • How listeners can find it all

  4. Discussion of Article (main body of show)

    • Since we’re starting a new podcast, we’re doing a meta-podcast, a podcast about podcasts.
    • https://medium.com/technology-musings/ten-years-of-podcasting-fighting-human-nature-1bf2de96d6e4

Stuff and Things with Rob