I was a digital content writer and content strategist at InVision, a SaaS company striving to become the “operating system for design”. InVision offers both products and services to the design community while also placing a focus on the people and practices that accompany a strong corporate design practice.

During my time at InVision, I played an integral role in redesigning and relaunching the blog (Inside Design), our two Medium publications, and our weekly digest. You can find a case study recap of that process on my blog here.

I was also responsible for crafting compelling, audience-specific copy & content for a wide range of mediums, including (but not limited to) event announcements, blog posts, longform and how-to articles, company announcements, & the infamous “Clark from InVision” weekly email digests. I also provided editing insight & expertise for content across a wide range of mediums while striving to maintain a confident yet humble voice and tone.

You can see all of my posts for Inside Design here. If you’re interested in the high points, I would say my three best posts are How to make your first wireframe, A comprehensive guide to design systems, and What every designer can learn from Alexa.

I was the Marketing Director at UX Booth, a publication by and for the user experience community., for more than a year. Our readership consists mostly of beginning-to-intermediate user experience and interaction designers, but we aim to serve anyone who is interested in making the web a better place.

My main responsibilities were to grow our newsletter subscriber list and increase our page views and email signups through rapid iteration and experimentation. I also managed our social media strategy and community building efforts.

One of the small but significant projects I led during my time at UX Booth was to optimize the inline email subscription forms. Through A/B testing and user research, we were able to triple the number of email signups while making the signup form CTA smaller and less disruptive to the reading experience.

I spent a year as the blog editor at Piktochart, a SaaS tool for designing infographics and telling visual stories. As the blog editor, I was responsible for content creation and curation that served to guide and inspire our users. I also worked with our front-end, design, and UI/UX teams on multiple projects to improve the user experience in the product and on the site itself.

I managed the content strategy including writing and maintaining our style guide, creating and refining processes for content creation and cross-team collaboration, and using user research and data to make informed decisions about messaging and content.

As the resident English expert (the company is based in Malaysia), part of my responsibilities were to proof and optimize copy in all areas of the company. This included everything from CTA buttons and copy in our weekly emails to the tooltips and help documentation accessible through the product.

You can see all of the posts I wrote for Piktochart here.

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I've been working with Swizec since the summer of 2015. In that time, we’ve grown his mailing list 10x, launched multiple products including two books and a Teachable course, and increased search and referral traffic to his website consistently year after year. I’ve worked to bring consistency to his content’s voice and tone. I’ve also restructured his blog’s information architecture and taxonomy to increase time-on-site, lower the bounce rate, and make it easier to find relevant subject matter.