Episode 4: Never Enough Snark

This week, the boys sit down with author/podcaster/poop connoisseur Harry Marks to talk about converting analog into digital and where to keep all of that... stuff. We also announce the winner of the Day One giveaway and (of course) spend time in our oft-discussed teen slang vertical.

Harry Marks and the Digital/Analog Conversion

HCMarks.com -Fiction writing site
Curious Rat -tech blog

Works in Progress
-The Sunday Morning Pershing Square Breakfast Club (4th novel)
Finished Novels
-Wonder Girl
-Missed Connections

I Wrote a Novel by Hand - The Cramped

-Readdle's Scanner Pro [App Store]
-Pilot Hi-Tec-C
-Extra-Large Moleskine

Other Scanning Apps:
-Evernote Scannable [App Store]
-Scanbot [App Store]
-PDFpen Scan+ [App Store]

Inquisitive: Behind the App
Gilbert Gotfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast
Disney Story Origins