Small Business Marketing and Content Strategy

When I decided to leave the classroom to work as a content strategist, writer, and marketer, I knew that one thing would remain the same: my goal is to help people. I'm a former PR account executive, English teacher, experienced journalist, and full-stack marketer. I like helping people with the parts of their business that they may not be as excited about as I am. My number one goal is to help you love your work. I'm not happy until you're happy.

 What Makes Me Different

My main goal is to help you focus on the things you love to do; you can leave the rest of it to me. It's too easy for a project, hobby, or business you love to become more work and less enjoyable if you spend your time doing all the "other things". 

I've done work for clients in web design, copywriting, basic technical support, customer support, and social media consulting. I've written blog posts and analyzed SEO data to help drive more eyes to sites. I want to help you with the things you don't want to do yourself.



"Will was a huge help to me when I was finishing my dissertation. He was easy to work with, and he helped me feel more at ease when it came time for me to publish."

-Dr. Chase Nordengren- Univ. of Washington

"Will's a careful, collaborative copy editor. He strikes the right balance between correcting small errors and asking questions to suss out the truth about larger, content-driven challenges. When editing an important piece of writing with me, he gives it its due consideration and gives me insightful feedback."

 -Andy Welfle- Content Strategist, Adobe

"Will is always one step ahead. By proactively adding value to marketing projects or streamlining processes - he makes my job easier. He's collaborative, organized, creative and excited to conquer new challenges. Part technological detective and part editorial master, Will is an invaluable asset to my team."

-Mridu Parikh, Organization + Simplicity Coach, Life is Organized

"When it came time to write my application essay for a graduate school fellowship, I knew I could rely on Will to take my words and ideas and make them more clear and concise. I feel like the process of working with an editor instead of going it alone was definitely the right choice.”
-Seth Schklar, CSCP- Cornerstone Chemical

"Man, having an editor is so cool. I should've done this years ago."
-Swizec Teller- author, blogger, full-stack developer