Rhodia Paper Project Week 2

Paper Picture

Alright nerds, let’s talk about some more paper. I’ve got two weeks worth of samples to review, so I figured this plane ride back to town (with an entire row to myself!) would make for an excellent opportunity.

The pencil I’m using for reviews this time around is a California Republic Golden Bear. It’s the discontinued triangular version with a beautiful orange lacquer, and it’s pretty awesome. I obtained it via trade with friend-of-the-blog Andy Welfle (he’s writing great stuff over at Woodclinched.com). If this pencil wasn’t discontinued, it’d be my next dozen for sure.

On to the paper! The first sample I’m reviewing this week is from the Rhodia Webnotepad (lovingly known by stationary nerds as “the Webbie”). This ivory-colored paper has a needle-thin fine grey line that fades into the background and lets your words (or sketches) shine. The spacing is a little weird for me; there’s some extra space on the margins and the lines are farther apart than I prefer. The upside is that if you have handwriting that’s a bit on the larger side, this paper would be a wonderful fit for you.

RPP Week 2 Sample 1

The second sample is the Classic Rhodia, and I can certainly see the classic influence. As a teacher, I see and touch a great deal of lined filler paper. The weight and quality of this paper is what all of that sub-standard notebook paper aspires to be. The violet lines are distinct against a bright white paper. Like the Webbie, the margins are a bit wide for my preference. This sample does give the impression of being more “professional” than the paper in the Webbie because of its squared-off corners (as opposed to the gentle rounded corners on the previous sample).

Rhodia Week 2 Sample 2

The third sample this week is my favorite! This R by Rhodia paper has the color combination I’ve come to prefer (grey lines on ivory paper), and the 90g weight makes it feels luxuriously substantial. If I have to list a drawback, it would be the smoothness of the paper. As I’ve discussed in the past, I’ve become more of a pencil guy. Paper of this weight and quality don’t always work out the best with pencils because they lack the tooth that’s necessary for the paper to “grab” the graphite. On occasion, using a pencil with a softer core like a Palamino Blackwing has almost felt like using a crayon. Also, I don’t draw much, but I feel like this paper would do well with shading.

Rhodia Week 2 Sample 3

All in all, these are three very good samples from Exaclair and Rhodia. My next review is going to have some high-quality unlined samples from Week 3 of Rhodia’s Paper Project, so stay tuned for that. If you thought that my handwriting was sloppy with lines for guides…

Editor’s Note: I know the photography isn’t the greatest. I’m getting better, but I wanted to get this post out so that I can try to catch up with all the samples I have to review!

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Sorry it’s been so quiet on the blog. The first week back to school is equal parts tiring and hectic. Expect a post to go up Monday morning. Now, here’s to a relaxing weekend.